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'She won't delay us, will she?' Ralph asked.
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'I'll be happy to help with Gride's papers,' Squeers suggested, when Peg was completely drunk. 'I can tell you which ones to keep and which ones to burn.'
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'Please!' the boy begged. 'I'll be your servant. I won't ask for anything. I only want to be near you.'
Trusted Drugstore - Prescription Drugs 'I'm as poor and lonely as you are,' Nicholas said. 'How can I help you?'

'Show the gentleman up, Hannah,' a voice called from inside the house.

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The classroom was cold and dirty with broken windows. There were a couple of old, long desks for the children, and two desks at the front of the room - one for Squeers, and a smaller one for his assistant. During the lessons, the boys sat quietly, shaking with the cold. Letters from home were opened in front of the whole class and Squeers took all their money. He did the same with packages of clothes. If the boys complained, Squeers hit them with a big stick. Nicholas watched this happen with tears of anger in his eyes, but he felt powerless to do anything.

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He tried to stand up, but his anger had made him weak. He fell back in his chair and closed his eyes. Nicholas took Madeline's arm and led her quietly out of the room.

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'You refuse?' said Ralph. 'Then you must listen to me.'
'The last teacher nearly died of hunger,' John laughed. 'Mr Squeers doesn't like spending money!'

Trusted Drugstore - Prescription DrugsTrusted Drugstore - Prescription Drugs The boys cheered loudly. A few minutes later, the school was empty. All the boys had run away.

'What's this?' Nicholas asked, when the man pushed a dirty letter into his hand.

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'No, I'm all right,' Smike replied.
Nicholas gave her a pen, and Fanny left the classroom. Outside the door, she held the pen to her heart. 'I've never seen such wonderful legs!' she sighed, walking away in a dream. Minutes later, she put on her hat and coat and hurried out of the school. 'I have to tell Tilda about him,' she thought.

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The next day, Nicholas returned to the job agency near Oxford Street.
'You evil old man,' Nicholas said, his face red with anger.
Nicholas rose angrily and walked across to their table. 'I'd like to speak to you, sir,' he said, staring at the man who had spoken last.

'What about?' Nicholas asked.
'I'm a shy, nervous man. I need you to talk to the father for me. You're good with words. He'll listen to you.'

Sir Mulberry looked at Nicholas with scorn, then said to his friends, 'Let him talk until midnight if he wants. I have nothing serious to say to a boy of his low class.
Ralph opened the letter and read:
'You can't talk to me like that!' Bray said angrily. 'You're only an ordinary shop-boy!'

When Kate had gone, Charles asked Nicholas to follow him into his private room. Nicholas was surprised to see Frank Cheeryble.

When he had left the room, Ralph turned to Gride. 'He looks very ill,' he said. 'If he doesn't die soon, I'll be very surprised.'
She greeted Sir Mulberry politely, then turned her head towards the stage. Sir Mulberry sat behind her all evening, and she could not enjoy the play. When the play had finished, Sir Mulberry took her arm. Kate tried to escape and walk away, but Sir Mulberry pulled her back. Trusted Drugstore

'What?' the old man said with surprise.
But you seem so sad. Won't you tell me why?'
That evening, he visited Arthur Gride. He told the old moneylender that Madeline Bray hated him. 'If you were a gentleman, you would think about the pain in that innocent girl's heart,' Nicholas said.